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Xuzhou is a regional core city. With emphasis on building a regional commercial, logistics and financial service center, Xuzhou is striving to accelerate the development of modern service industry and constantly strengthen the role played by modern service industry in supporting and ensuring a core city’s functions. It is also vigorously developing into a grand regional metropolitan commercial city, which will be a consumption attraction of the largest size, most influential power and most shopping appeal. By 2012, 15 markets with an annual sales volume of above 1 billion yuan and another 10 specializing in wholesale and distribution will be built.

Xuzhou Golden Eagle International Shopping Center
Xuzhou Golden Eagle International Shopping Center is located at the economic and cultural center of Xuzhou---Pengcheng Square. The total building area is 71,000 sqm. This center consistently focuses on top grade styles and fashionable tastes, and meanwhile blends in youthful popular concepts. Under these guidelines, this center brings in international and domestic renowned fashionable brands, popular commodities and theme leisure caterings.

Xuzhou Golden Land Shopping Center
Xuzhou Department Store
No.1 Pengcheng  Road  Shopping Mall
Suning  Commercial  Plaza
Hubu  Mountain  Commercial  Pedestrian  Ssteet

Xuzhou Nanhu Lake Commercial Area  
Nanhu Lake is like a shining pearl embedded in the Yunlong Lake Scenic Area of Xuzhou and also a place of choice for leisure and shopping. Spreading over 7.46 hectares, the area has a total building area of around 22,000 sqm and consists of 29 separate buildings of various patterns, representing a novel and harmonious blend of traditional and modern features. The commercial area has integrated hotels, bars, local cuisine, novel cuisines, café and other businesses to build an urban icon representing Xuzhou’s image and uniqueness.